MacKay CEO Forums and Your Privacy

1. Introduction

MacKay & Associates Advisors Inc., doing business as MacKay CEO Forums (“MacKay”) offers CEO and Executive peer-to-peer learning groups. This privacy policy addresses our compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act (British Columbia) (the “Act”). “Personal Information” means all information about an identifiable individual. MacKay recognizes the importance of privacy and recognizes the sensitivity of information received by us in the course of our services.

2. Coaching Sessions

In order to be able to provide services to our members, information of both a confidential commercial nature, and of a personal nature about our members or other individuals can be disclosed in our coaching sessions or in our CEO or Executive peer-to-peer groups. When this information is voluntarily provided in session by a client it is understood, unless specifically indicated to the contrary, that we have consent to collect, use and disclose this commercial information and personal information provided to us for the purposes of the providing coaching services to that member, but for no other purpose.

Other participants in MacKay forums such as our CEO and Executive peer-to-peer groups, as a condition of participating in that group, are required to sign a membership agreement with MacKay. That membership agreement specifies that the member must keep confidential any confidential commercial information, or personal information, disclosed and received in such peer-to-peer forums, and may not use or disclose it in any manner outside that forum.

3. Other Information Collection

MacKay may also collect, use and disclose personal information about members, including credit card information, as reasonably appropriate to establish or collect fees and otherwise manage the business relationship between MacKay and its members. All such additional information will only be used to manage the member relationship with MacKay. The Act provides that an individual is considered to have consented to our collection, use or disclosure of personal information about that individual if, at the time the consent is deemed to be given, the purpose would be considered obvious to a reasonable person. In such circumstances, we will collect, use or disclose personal information without obtaining a written or verbal consent to do so.

The Act also permits us to collect, use or disclose personal information about an individual in some circumstances without the individual’s consent. Those include (but are not limited to) circumstances in which:

• the collection, use or disclosure is clearly in the interests of the individual and consent cannot be obtained in a timely way;
• the personal information is available to the public from a prescribed source;
• the collection, use or disclosure of personal information is required or authorized by law.

4. Membership Directory

We consider part of the value that we add to the member relationship to be the provision of commentary, podcasts, newsletters and other items of interest on executive training, including upcoming MacKay events. Member contact information will be added to our distribution and marketing lists as appropriate. If a member does not wish to receive this material, they can contact us to remove their name from our distribution lists at any time, by contacting

Member contact information is also maintained in a membership directory database, which is available to all members of MacKay. All members of MacKay have signed a membership agreement which restricts their use and disclosure of membership database information to analysis, discussion, problem solving during MacKay group meetings and not to use such information for solicitation of business or to compile marketing and contact lists of any kind, other than for member-to-member communication.

If a client does not wish to be listed in our membership database, they can contact us to remove their listing, by contacting

5. Security of Personal Information

Personal Information in the custody of MacKay is secured and maintained at our premises, using physical and electronic system safeguards appropriate to the nature and sensitivity of the information. Certain closed files may be stored off-site in secure arrangements with contract service providers. Our computer systems and the information stored in them are protected by appropriate electronic security systems.

6. Accuracy of Personal Information

MacKay is committed to the accuracy of any personal information in its custody and control, but relies on its members who are the source of such information to affirm accuracy.